I loved what Adam Rapoport, Editor in Chief, Bon Appetit wrote in this month’s issue, “The heat is off!” When I look at what is in season right now, I know there are many nights I don’t have to heat much of anything for a delicious dinner. Tomato salad with good bread and butter sometimes is all we need. We enjoy melons and cottage cheese, or live off of chocolate pudding topped with plums cooked with a little Cointreau and sugar. (Does it get any better?)  Well it will, once I am sick of tomatoes, summer fruit and cucumbers, but we still have a while!

For the Peak Season Tomato Salad: Use a bunch of different kinds of super ripe sliced tomatoes. Drizzle with really good olive oil - more than you’d think. Sprinkle with good salt. A healthy amount. Toss with chopped fresh herbs, Basil definitely. Let sit for 10 minutes while the flavors combine. Serve. Leftover tomato salad is actually quick and good heated up and served over pasta!