This is a busy time of the year when we change seasons. Almost all of the transplanted crops for the fall and winter are in the ground. We have started to seed things like spinach and lettuce which can only be sown when the temperatures do not rise above 90F.

The lettuce in the picture here is a heat tolerant variety called Sunbelt. It is almost ready to pick. It needs lots of water and cool weather which we are having now. The lettuce in your box today was sown by seed in August in a cool spell.

Oranges only turn orange when it gets cold in the winter, their natural color is green. These are Seville’s for marmalade making in March. You will be able to order five pound bags as an extra item when they are ready. So far every year they have sold out and thank you to you all who send me samples of their marmalade. I really do enjoy it.

Roberto is preparing more beds for cauliflower, broccoli etc that we will plant this Thursday. The chickens are eating the pasture which he will prepare next and fertilizing it at the same time.

Agustin is spending every spare moment from taking care of the poultry building another duck house. We have axles onto which he constructs the mobile duck homes. Everything around here gets painted barn red to protect it from the weather.

We have now finished all the dry onions from the April planting and our next crop was planted in early July. We planted more about a month ago and have a big planting coming in early November. Our goal is to have onions as often as possible throughout the year. I am now finalizing the planting plan for next year so please let me know if you have any ideas for the box, more or less of something, or something new. Tomatillos will be back next year, more onions, lunchbox peppers will arrive earlier and lots of melons and cukes.