Eatwell Farmhouse Kitchen
1 Sweet Potato, peeled and diced - small
2 Red Onions from your share, chopped fairly fine
1 lb good Chorizo
2-3 Lunchbox Peppers
1 bunch Turnips, peeled and diced - small
1 bunch Turnip Greens, washed, stems removed, leaves chopped
1 Red Kuri Squash, also peeled and diced - small
1 cup water
Salt and Pepper to Taste
*If you have Summer Squash you could dice those up and add them OR if you have the Parsley that would also be delicious chopped up and added.*

In a good sized skillet cook the chorizo.  When it has browned add the onion and allow the onion to cook some.  Then add the peppers, sweet potato, red kuri squash, turnips and water.  Cover and cook until most of the veg is fairly tender.  At this point you can add the summer squash if you are using it along with the turnip greens. Cook about 5 more minutes.  Taste for salt and pepper and add them if you like.