There are times when we want to make improvements to the farm and the time and/or the money is just not there. It costs a lot to just keep the farm running nicely, so this is why we have asked for help with this project. Many people have asked me over the years what happened to the baby chicks, and I tell them there is really no viable alternative at the present time. That was until we met Jim Adkins from the Sustainable Poultry Network. Now we have a great line of dual purpose chickens and the skill behind it to make this work.

We are over 96% funded towards our goal of $20,000 with just 7 days to go. Please consider donating to this project. It will make a very big difference on the farm and show other farmers it can work too.
Here are some of the amazing thank you gifts.
Name a Hen in the breeding flock for $50. You will be able to follow your girl’s laying progress online in our database.
Name a Rooster plus every other gift up to that point for $750. Jim came to the farm in July and selected the best roosters in our breeding flock.
Eggs and Bacon $100. A pound of wonderful bacon from members Stephen and Jill at Damn Fine Bacon. A stellar combination.
Ice Cream Party for 10 people $250.
These thank you gifts just sweeten the deal. The real joy is in the humane, truly local and marvelous tasting eggs and chicken. Thank you all for your support of our work on the farm. This project will go on for many years as the work selecting the chickens that do the best on the farm will never end. What you help us with is the costs of the equipment etc to set this up.
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