On Monday morning I took a walk out into the new pasture where Jose moved the chickens last Saturday. I wanted to take a fresh look at the girls to discover why they were just not laying the usual number of eggs. In all the 30 plus years of my farming career I have learned to trust my first gut reaction. In this case, I believe they are not getting enough feed. Later this week I will sit down and do all the calculations and check my theory. So I have put them on double rations for the next week. We will feed 50% at dawn, 25% at lunchtime and 25% at teatime. If there is any feed left over at the end of the day we will cut back. I checked all the water, and it is clean and they are drinking well. The pasture is great, the girls look great. Next week our chicken consultant is in town for a conference so I will ask him for a second opinion. There are enough eggs for all our members this week. You should hear the cries at the market when we say we have run out. CSA members come first. Daisy (in the second photo) was caught on camera asleep on Monday. We have to remember that her job is to protect the chickens from coyotes who are nocturnal, so Daisy has to be too. She did wake up after I had been walking about with the chickens for at least half an hour.

We have a great crop of pomelos for February picking. They love it when the chicken tractors pass by as the fertilizer boost really greens up their leaves. In the field many of the fall and winter crops are looking great. It has been hot until last week which is why the broccoli looks a little pale, too much sun. Lettuce will be here soon.

Have a great week… Nigel