Agustin sent me these pictures this morning of chicks he removed from the hatcher to the brooding pen he set up. This is our very first hatch and I had warned him not to have too high expectations the first time around. Again he has excelled showing how adapt he is with the poultry on the farm. He loves what he does and it shows. Taking on this breeding flock project has meant lots of extra work. He has poured concrete and built the family pens plus raising and sorting the breeding flock. Then we have to keep accurate records of who laid what egg and hatch them too.  

He has trained his brother Luis to take on some of his regular duties while all this new work becomes part of the routine here.  And you our members have supported this project financially to make sure we can do it right. Jim Adkins from the sustainable poultry network has provided us with the technical help and the access to the best breeding stock to start us on this journey. We can really make a change in how chicken and eggs are produced on farms. This is just the start but it shows what can be done by the power of everyone of us when we work together. Thank you. Nigel