Eatwell Farm CSA member Nancy sent us this recipe along with some photos of the marmalade making process.

Nancy's "Sunshine in a Jar"

Nancy's "Sunshine in a Jar"

You'll need 6 Seville oranges, top and bottom trimmed. Vertically cut in half, then ¼  vertically from there. Trim interior seeds and set aside. Then cut flesh & rind into small even pieces, about ¼” thick.  Put seeds into a muslin cloth “sack”.  There's good pectin in seeds.

Take 1 navel orange and cut it in the same manner, removing interior white pith but no seeds to worry about.

Soak all the cut citrus and the seed pouch in an a large non-aluminum pot (I used cast enamel) and cover with 3 C water.  Let sit overnight.

Bring to a boil and cook, uncovered for 40 minutes, stirring occasionally.  Should be at a “perky simmer”.  Not a hard boil but definitely moving.  Let stand 4 hours.

Then add 4 C sugar and bring to a boil, stirring constantly (or thereabouts).  Boil, stirring constantly until the mixture sheets off the spoon or hits 220 on a candy thermometer.

Turn off the heat and add ½ C fresh lemon juice.  (The orange color will intensify and it really pops the flavor.  Quite amazing, actually.)

Pour into 7 ½ pt jars.

(Adapted from  “The Art Lover’s Cookbook, a Feast for the Eye”  Published by the Fine Arts Museum of SF, 1998.  Get a copy if you can, it is a beautiful book with some interesting recipes!)