So as many of you know I am at UCSF medical center getting treatment for my cancer. Everyone on the farm is doing a great job while I am away. Many of our key crew members have been with us a long time. I have always made sure they were trained well, and now it is paying me back dividends.
    I have finished all my treatment but still have to get strong enough to come home for the final recovery. My doctor says I will be fine for the strawberry days on the farm. He knows about these because some of his support staff are long time members of the farm. So you can rest assured I am getting the very best care.
    A big thank you for all the cards and chocolates etc. Yes, I can be bribed with chocolate.  I have not the energy so far to thank you all but am hoping to see many of you on the farm in May and through the summer at all our farm events. Please remember your Eatwell farm membership is so much more than just the produce you receive from us. Please take advantage of all the opportunities we offer to visit the farm. - Nigel