Last week I wrote a little thing asking for your help.  If you haven’t seen it, what I wrote is on the website and on our FB page.  I realize now that I should clarify what I meant by an Appeal for Help.  Obviously I want to increase our CSA membership, but what I really want help with is making a change on a grander scale.  

I want to be a part of creating a future in which agricultural workers do not have a higher rate of certain types of cancer, and GMO foods are a faded fad, there are MOSTLY organic farms, and MOST of them are not factory food farms owned by huge companies who see organic as a good profit center, and that the food grown in this country is actual food, not just corn, soy and wheat.  So when I talk about wanting to spread the word, yes, please let people know about your farm - your CSA and yes, Emily and I really do want to get out on the road and talk about what we do here at Eatwell.  But if you and I want to be a part of changing the big picture, that goes way beyond Eatwell.  

By sharing your experiences with fresh, local, nutritious food, even to those friends and family who live far away, you are encouraging them to join their local CSA or to shop at their local farmers market. These are positive steps forward, and together we can make today’s sad excuse for food a thing of the past. - Lorraine