Like I said, I have been having fun in the kitchen today.  For lunch we had some potatoes we steamed last night, a bit of smoked salmon, some of Nigel’s homemade mayo, and sautéed turnips.  Such a delicious meal!  I was inspired by a dinner I enjoyed last Friday at the Firehouse Bistro here in Dixon, where they do some super delicious things with our produce.  The meal I had was Bay Scallops seared, served on top of mini potato cakes, with the turnips and cauliflower cooked somewhat like this.  So these turnips are quite versatile and accompany a wide variety of dishes. By the way, potatoes are coming!

1 of the larger Onions, sliced thin
1 Green Garlic, sliced thin
A good glug of Oil,  I used Grape-seed
1 bunch of Turnips, washed well and tops chopped, cut into quarters
Salt and Pepper to taste
Lemon Juice, White Wine or Eatwell Farm Verjuis

In a skillet heat the oil over medium high heat, then add the onions and garlic.  Cook until just soft, stirring all the while.  Then add the turnips, and depending on your stove, you may or may not want to turn the temp down a bit.  Cook until the turnips are just starting to turn golden.  Some will be very tender, some a bit more crunchy, I personally like the variation in texture.  Just before you are finished add a splash of lemon juice, or Eatwell Farm Verjuis or even a bit of white wine, add salt and pepper to taste.  The pan should sizzle, and as soon as it slows down you should be done.