Serves 6 - 8

From Saveur Arpil 2007 Recipe by Meredith Heuer

At the time I am putting the recipes together I don’t know how many favas are going into your share this week, so you will have to adjust accordingly.  Or save this recipe for another week. I think we will have favas for a while.  This recipe looks like it would be fun for a casual Sunday afternoon get together, maybe Mother’s Day?

2 lbs rinsed and dried Whole Fava Pods
2-3 TB Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Prepare a charcoal grill.  Meanwhile, toss fava pods with oil in a large bowl.  Season to taste with salt and toss again.  Grill favas in a single layer over hot coals.  They should sizzle and may smoke a bit, but don’t let them flare up.  Grill until bold black blisters appear on the grill side, 3 to 4 minutes, then turn them over and grill 2 to 4 minutes more.   Pile favas onto a platter and let cool for a few minutes.  To eat, pry open pods, pop out beans, you may or may not need to pinch off the skin.  I find when the favas are this young it often isn’t necessary, but it is simple enough, just squeeze out tender little fava.  Lick your oily, salty fingertips; it’s part of the dish.  Serve with radishes, sheep’s milk cheese and slices of salami or prosciutto, if you like.