June will be here soon and that means lavender and garlic harvest. It is the busiest month of the year as we still are planting late summer crops also.  My brother Mick and his daughter Chloe are visiting. Chloe will be here for  the summer for her California experience. Mick runs a team of mechanics at a Toyota garage in England so he can only stay for a week. At the time I am writing this he is working on our diesel pick up truck, making himself useful.

Soon we will be giving details of our big lavender harvest weekend where we hope many of you will be able to help us bring in the harvest. We cut the lavender, bunch it, and then hang it in our drying room. This is fun and fragrant work. Lorraine will be cooking for us all. This will be very much like the grape harvesting crews in France. It should be a wonderful experience.  
Looking forward to seeing you all on the farm this May. Nigel