On Sunday the farm falls silent of tractor noise and the hustle bustle of the crew. The sound of the wind rushing through poplars peppered with chicken chatter takes center stage, and at this time of year where the sun is slow to sleep, an evening stroll on the farm is the perfect time to breathe in and be present. In the early evenings, the sun's rays land on the farm and glow, sometimes catching cover crop in a golden hue that makes me stop in my tracks; I'm a living statue, watching and listening, feeling the warmth of the summer sun on my skin, the breeze kissing me as I look out and around. Red tailed hawks circle above, and I can hear them calling mates guarding nests in the poplars nearby. I stroll through the field of summer squash, my hands brushing large leaves and bristly stalks. On a farm filled with produce, this field may be my favorite with sun-bright flowers open wide and an array of colorful squash at every turn. Nigel walks beside me and speaks of fertility and abundance, two beautifully connected concepts interwoven into Eatwell's landscape.

Back in the farmhouse, there's a different energy. I walk from the warmth of the summer sun into the heart of the home with Lorraine at the center, stirring and crafting a meal that features the abundance of the farm. Scented layers of simmering sauces and sauteing veggies carry me to the stove where I'm guaranteed a taste, and I melt, slowly into a chair at the table. Meals on the farm are a source of communion; the fellowship of friends and family joining in a meal celebrating the bounty of the farm and nourishment of our bodies and souls. And what we find through this fellowship is connection, to the food we eat, our gratitude for the land, and with each other.

This fellowship is open to you and your friends at our Sunday Suppers. Walk the fields in the early evening with Nigel and share a meal around the farmhouse table with your friends, family, and Nigel and Lorraine. The first Sunday Supper is scheduled for July 5th and will feature a festive array of All-American dishes for $65 per person.

Tentative Menu
(Menu may change depending upon availability)
Chilled Peach Soup
Smoked Pork Sandwiches on Eatwell Farmhouse Kitchen Buns
Green Tomato/Tomatillo Relish
Potato Salad
Fresh corn on the cob
Strawberry Mousse

We welcome you, your friends and your family to join us on the farm and at the table for this intimate experience. Seating in the farmhouse kitchen is limited to 22, so reservations and payment must be made by July 2nd. Please call Lorraine directly at (530)-554-3971 to join us.