Roberto is seen here cultivating a bed where I planted chestnut seedlings just a couple of weeks ago. I sowed the seeds into special deep trays back in October last year. About 60% germinated and by the time I transplanted them they were mostly 15" high. Too small to be damaged as Roberto drove over them cultivating the weeds. I planted two rows 20' apart with them staggered 60' apart in the rows. It the same rows we will plant peaches, nectarines and figs between the chestnuts. In 15 years time the chestnuts will be the dominant tree but the peaches will have finished their productive life.  The figs will compete with the chestnuts for light. Next to Roberto is a row of lavender that will produce for about 8 years until the chestnuts shade them out which is just about the length of time they produce long stemmed flowers for. This is what we call broadacre permaculture which I like to explain is a three dimensional farming compared to a single crop all at the same height. Watch this space for more updates.