Just so you know we did plant watermelon for your boxes. The seed was planted close together so we could reduce the size to fit in the box. The result was that the plants decided to produce less fruit and make all of them too big. It seems we could not out smart them. 

For many years I have been in search of a small delicious melon. There are very expensive seedless varieties that do produce the required size but I have never been impressed with the flavor. 

Our neighbors at Magnum Seed did have a variety from Japan that had a thin skin and great flavor but, alas, we are not able to import the seeds. The seed companies here just want to sell the seedless varieties. Yes, small is beautiful since big melons act as weapons of mass destruction, and our delivery drivers are never happy with carrying the extra weight in the box. 2016 will be a new year, and we will try again.