On my farm walk the other day, I was so happy to see the dark green rows of Fennel fronds.  What a beautiful sight.  Happy to say, it is looking healthy and growing fast.  Fennel is really a treat, as it is something in past years I would seldom buy for myself.  Now that I have it at my fingertips, I have really learned to take advantage of its sweet flavor. Thinly sliced with apple and a touch of a light vinegar, salt and pepper, and you have a 2 minute fresh crunchy salad!  Sautéed a little with some vegetables and you have added a bit of special flavor.  Of course, roasted is always delicious and the fronds are wonderful as a bed for roasting some fish. 

After the long, hot days of summer, anything green is a welcome sight.  Even though we had some extremely hot days late into September, the greens are looking very happy.  In this shot you can see the Red Russian.  We are planting Tuscan Kale. I’m not sure when it will be ready, but I am going to have them work more of it into the mix this year.  Last week, I asked people to text me suggestions for items they would like to see in the share that we typically do not grow.  This is really an opportunity for you to help us improve the CSA and also for all of us to learn about what grows well here and what doesn't.  I did hear from a few folks and promised to write about it in next week's newsletter (and the one following).  So if you have any thoughts, please text me, with your name, and I will look into it.  My number is 530-554-3971.  Thanks so much!