As we move on out of the summer bounty and straight into Fall and Winter, I wonder what are some things we might add to our crop rotation?  I included a recipe a few weeks back for Enchiladas Verde with Chayote and thought that would be a nice addition to a summer box.  So I spoke with Nigel about it and he informed me that he has tried it but it didn't grow/yield well for us.  But maybe it might be worth another try next year?  So that brought me to the question - what would our members like to see in the box? I would really like to know, because diversity for the share is a wonderful thing and we would like the shares to be as awesome as possible.  It is also a great opportunity for us all to find out what grows well in our climate and on our land.  If you have suggestions, please text me 530-554-3971, include your name so I know who you are!  I will look into the possibilities and report back to you all.  With that said, apples and hopefully pomegranates will be heading your way next week.