Homage in San Francisco contacted Connie a couple of weeks ago with an interest in featuring our farm in the restaurant and October is our month!  Homage works directly with a farm each month, creating a menu based on what the farm has to offer.  Many talk the "farm to table" concept but this is the first restaurant we have worked with to take it to this level.  Connie asked me if it would be hard for a restaurant to create a menu this way?  My response was, in many ways it is easier.  When you limit your choices and you really embrace the idea of season, it all kind of unfolds for you.  In today's world we have far too many choices, peaches, plums and nectarines in December, kale every day, all day (thinking of you Izzy!) and we are overwhelmed by choice.  No wonder people don't want to cook.  But I digress, the point is, you have an opportunity this month to go out for a fantastic meal, using ingredients from your farm and you won't have to do any work!  So please, support Homage, treat yourself and enjoy a wonderful dinner.