Last week, Connie wrote about the water ritual during Sukkot and the rain that followed.  It has been a really nice rain here on the farm, not too heavy.  It is the kind of rain Nigel describes as an English rain.  As I look around the farm it is shocking to see how much green is popping up all around us!  Only a few days of moisture from the sky and suddenly the brown of summer is turning to the green of winter.  As I walk Stella's pasture I see loads of mushrooms popping up everywhere, a sure sign of life in the soil and in the deposits she leaves behind her. 

At this point in the year, I look forward to cloudy, rainy weekends, particularly on Sundays.  One of the reasons I enjoy the rain on Sundays is knowing our guys would not be working in the rain in the fields.  I just came in from walking a part of the farm, it isn't easy walking with boots heavy with mud.  I so appreciate the work our crew does and know that today they are happy the sun is shining!