We now only sow two rows of fava beans on a bed. This makes picking the beans easier and we do less damage to the crop as we pick it. In the middle of the bed we sow peas which are the pea shoots in your box today. The bed on the left has been cultivated by our finger weeder and the one on the right has not. I really do not know anyone who likes hoeing all day, so we try to grow our crops in such a way that allows us to keep the crops clean mechanically. At this time of the year, after some rain, the cultivation lets lots of air into the soil surface. The goal for the future is to grow the crop through a living mulch of low growing plants of many species. I believe the equipment is available to help us do this, but so far I have not found the low growing plants for our climate. My goal is to eliminate any bare soil on the farm so the soil is covered with a growing plant at all times. Yes, I am working to put my beloved finger weeder into retirement.