Farmhouse Kitchen

This is another recipe that isn't much of a recipe.  I think the first rounds of tomatoes, like strawberries, are not as fantastic as they will be in just a couple of weeks. The idea of caramelized Tomatoes or Cabbage just sounds really delicious to me right now. 

1 basket of Cherry Tomatoes, green tops removed, sliced in half or if you received Cabbage in the box, cut into quarters

Good Olive Oil

Salt and Pepper, Eatwell Rosemary Salt would be perfect 

Heat oven to 400 F.  Lay out sliced tomatoes or cabbage on a small baking sheet or you can use a small oven safe skillet, pour on a decent amount of olive oil, sprinkle with salt and pepper.  Pop into the oven and roast until just starting to brown a bit on the edges.  In my oven that took nearly 30 minutes, but I added quite a bit of olive oil.  I used my roasted cherries in a pan of chard and potatoes with sausage, it added just the perfect amount of sweetness and tang! The roasted cabbage would be just as good.