Eatwell Farmhouse Kitchen

We ran out of tomato sauce a couple of months ago, big tragedy.  So the moment we had any ripe tomatoes come in, I had to make a sauce.  Those turned out to be cherry tomatoes, which I cooked in the pressure cooker, drained, pureed, and then pushed through a sieve. I had reduced the liquid that had drained by A LOT and then mixed it all together.  I actually made a really delicious sauce and tomato soup.  But my true favorite way to make sauce, is to roast tomatoes in the oven until they are just about to get a few spots of dark brown and go from there.

I take all of the slicers, or even your cherries or heirlooms and cut the tomatoes in half.  I place them in an ovenproof baking dish, cut side up, and drizzle a bit of good olive oil over the top.  I like to sprinkle them with a little bit of our Rosemary or Thyme Salt and then I roast them in a very hot oven, set to about 400F.  The tomatoes will caramelize a bit in the oven.  When you pull them out, drain the liquid and put it into a pot over medium heat until it is reduced by at least half.  I puree the tomatoes with an immersion blender and then push them through a sieve.  Once the liquid has reduced enough, I add the tomato paste to the pot.  Cook a few more minutes to reduce a little more and then enjoy!