This past weekend, a couple of CSA members came up for a night in The Nest.  Kristina and Philip arrived Saturday afternoon, unpacked, and then took off for a little wine tasting in the nearby town of Winters.  Back on the farm, they went out and took advantage of the few mulberries that the birds had left behind.  They were scheduled for a dinner in the house. I was really happy to cook for them and have some company. We also got to see them up here for breakfast the next morning.  The light here on the farm in the evenings is really magical, the mornings are pretty special, too.  Being on the farm on the non-event weekends, you have an opportunity to experience it all in a very different way.  There is such a beautiful energy here, I know I felt it the first time I visited.  That magic must have done its job, because before Kristina and Philip took off back to the City on Sunday, they stopped by to let us know Philip had proposed!  I love that their love has moved to the next step and that it happened here on the farm.  We wish them all the best and a very long, healthy, and happy life together!