We are always experimenting on the farm. Sometimes the results are clear, other times mixed. Many of you have noticed that the egg yolk color is not as golden as normal. The color is dependent on how green the pasture isand what is added to the feed. Alfalfa and calendula flowers can be added to the feed, also. Since March, Jose and I have been using the chickens to clean up vegetation below fruit trees, lilacs, and windbreaks. There were numerous grasses and lots for the chickens to eat, but not our usual delicious, custom blend pasture mix.  The result was that the chickens did a fantastic job fertilizing trees and saving Papa Ramon time and fuel by not weed whacking, but the egg color has not been so pronounced. Last Thursday, they were all moved to fresh pasture, so over the next few weeks we should see golden yolks return.

Using the chickens as workers to help us maintain the farm is important, but next time we will add some bales of alfalfa to their feed and may even cut some fresh pasture for them every day. Thank you for understanding.