It’s my last day home before our trip, and we woke up to a power outage. The wind started howling sometime during the night and caused all kind of problems. Cameron and I were planning on doing our final farm walk this morning but took off to Davis in search of coffee and breakfast (an all-electric house means no food or coffee when the power is out!). On our way back to the farm, we did a farm drive to get a quick scan of how everything is looking, and I can tell you the poor plants are NOT happy.  

This wind just sucks the life out of everything. What was a field of incredibly tall, vibrant chard last week was just defeated. The beautiful lettuces that stand up to the frost, definitely not happy.  We could see the sprinklers going and the water was blowing away, but it was better than nothing.  One tractor was out today, and the chicken guys were doing only what needed to be done, beyond that the farm was quiet. Having to work in these conditions is horrible, so I don’t blame the guys for not.

It is a good day for the crew to take off since nothing needs to be harvested today. However, when we need to fill the CSA  boxes, they are out there no matter what the weather brings. So once again, I ask that we all remember the amazing work our crew does all year to bring us this amazing food!