Several months ago, we moved Helen May and Bandito just down the road to our friends George and Annie's farm.  Being responsible for those two was more than I could handle with everything going on with Nigel.  Reluctantly, and with a decent amount of sadness, I asked George and Anne if they would like to take our cow and bull calf and fortunately, they were really excited about that.  Yesterday, I was over at their place and got to visit Helen May and Bandito.  It was wonderful to see how peaceful and happy they are out in the walnut orchard, lots of luscious grass to graze all day.  Bandito has gotten huge and is now bigger than his mom.  And Helen is very close to giving birth again, her 4th!  I miss having cows on the farm, but the sad reality is, with Nigel in and out of the hospital, there is no way I can care for them.  They have a much larger grassy space than we can provide and in the summer they will love being under the trees.