By Liz

I love a big tuna salad. Last week while we were staying with Jan and Liz for days of Dr appointments, Liz made a delicious tuna salad as kind of a focal point for a bits and bobs dinner.  We even had some pasta salad with it on the side, so if you make the orzo/arugula salad you could serve that on the side.  I prefer tuna packed in oil, but that's me.  Wash the lettuce and dry well.  You can keep the leaves whole and use as wraps or chop.  Wash and slice or chunk radishes.  Fava beans would be really nice in this dish as well if you want to add them.  

Liz makes her Tuna Salad like this: 

3 or 4 cans of Tuna, water drained

Juice from 1 to 2 Lemons, to taste

A couple of Scallions, chopped

2 TB of Capers, more if you love them!

Salt, to taste

Mayonnaise or Olive Oil to moisten, start out with a good spoonful, add more according to your preference

Serve with Eatwell Eggs, hardboiled, and sliced

Pickles and or Pickled Vegetable on the side

Liz likes to add Roasted Red Peppers and Olives too!