Wake up, cause here we go - count the market money.  Get the deposit ready.  Feed Nigel, (except not today because he has a PET Scan later) feed Stella, feed me.  Rush off to the bank, fill gas cans for the crew.  Rush back to the house, get Nigel in the car and head to SF for said PET Scan.  Sit in waiting room and wait.  

So what’s a girl to do while sitting and waiting?  Read the NYT Cooking email of course.  The article has a recipe for breakfast Shrimp and Grits, definitely one of my favorite meals, but I usually make it for dinner.  They also had a recipe from Alton Brown for a Breakfast Carbonara, hmmmm, never thought about making Carbonara for breakfast, but what a great idea!  I love pasta for breakfast, actually more for brunch.  I made Nigel a Smoked Salmon, Goose Egg and Fava Bean Carbonara for dinner last night, he loved it.  This too would make a great breakfast/brunch.  We have goose eggs galore and I am trying to figure out how we can make them available to you guys.  I think I have come up with a plan, so I am hoping Connie can get them on the list of add-on items for you all by the end of the week.  The goose egg is really big, and the yolk is seriously rich, and it made a really great carbonara.  So let’s hope it will work.  If it does I will include my recipe in the Friday email.