Here’s the thing about peppers, there is no true marker for spicy, therefore what is a hot pepper to one person is a mild pepper to someone else. I love the poblanos, but for many people, they are too hot.  This creates a problem when it comes to deciding whether or not to put them into the share, do we or don’t we?  And of course those of you who don’t mind the heat will tell me they aren’t hot at all, and those of you who have a low tolerance for spice will tell me they are WAY too hot.  I’m not sure how much we have planted and if we will have enough to go into the boxes, but how about a compromise?  We add them to the add on’s list and if you love them you can order them as an extra.  We will check with Jose and find out if we have enough to put into the boxes for at least two weeks.  If we do I will consider that.  It would help to get your feedback though, sooooo let’s have a vote, text me yay or nay on Poblanos and we will take it from there, 530-554-3971.