The mulberries are pretty loaded this year, but it is obvious when you look up into them, just how much the birds love them. I found this bird’s nest tucked up in there. Finding a nest always feels like finding a special little surprise. Later that day, I saw a farmer had posted on Instagram a picture of one of their mulberry trees and had this to say about Nigel:


“This mulberry tree will always remind me of the late great Farmer Nigel of Eatwell Farm. He said that mulberry tress at the edges of orchard rows will keep the birds satiated and will reduce their fruit thieving.”

It’s true, we keep our birds well fed with mulberries. I always tell people who visit it is the one crop we never harvest, it is here for those of you who make the trip to the farm, and for the birds!  Thank you, Jellicles Farm, for sharing your memories.