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Member Testimonials

Appreciating CSA, Written By Ashley Hathaway

Written By Ashley Hathaway, CSA Member since 2011

One of the primary reasons I choose to get my weekly supply of eggs and fresh produce from Eatwell Farm’s CSA membership is for the wonderful health benefits that come with eating properly grown, fresh, nutrient-dense, local organic foods.    Food plays one of the most critical roles in determining our health and well being. I have been studying the effects of nutrients on the body for over 10 years and as I continue to  learn about this complicated, fascinating and important subject, I appreciate Community Supported Agriculture more and more.

I discovered Eatwell Farm foods at a health conference several years ago and I’ve been hooked ever since. 

I'm grateful to live close to a farm like Eatwell that provides this beautiful food. Each week I throughly enjoy reading about life on the farm and what goes into growing the food in my box.   

Thank you to everyone at Eatwell Farm for your hard work and dedication to organic farming!

Member Testimonial - Karlyn

Thank you very much for the extra veggies in my box this week. They were delicious! Also, we cooked the spaghetti squash last night and that stuff is mind-blowingly good, even without anything added to it. We also took the time to sort out and roast the seeds (using just a pinch of olive oil and salt on them, in the oven until a bit crispy). It takes a little zen patience to sort out the seeds, but they were super delicious and worth it. So grateful for you guys and the great produce that’s in the box every week. Thank you again!

Good wishes.
— Karlyn

Member Testimonial - Jud

I wanted to send a brief note of thanks for the wonderful pumpkin party today at the farm. My daughter and I enjoyed all the activities, from the pumpkin picking to the hay ride, the adorable chicks to the delicious lunch. Not to mention the face painting! Emily painted a cat face that our daughter absolutely adores!

We really appreciate you taking the time to put on such a great family event. And it was so nice to finally meet Emily (a different Emily from the excellent face painter) in person!

Thanks again
— Jud

Nancy's Gazpacho

CSA member, Nancy, shared her gazpacho recipe with us this week, and it's too good to keep to ourselves. 

This was so delicious early on in the week when it was so hot here! The “tomato broth” from canning days, run through the food mill
And frozen. Just added a touch of sherry and white wine vinegar, touch sugar and S & P. Fresh chopped veggies incl sweet peppers from the farm etc.
— Nancy Mueller

Member Testimonial: Bonnie

Grinding up tomatoes

Grinding up tomatoes

Dear Emily, Lorraine, Nigel and Eatwell Farm Farmers,

THANK YOU so much for giving us such a wonderful experience this weekend!

Our family of 4 came because my daughter Crystal came to Eatwell in June with Foodwise and Elianna Friedman for a camping trip.

She has been talking about the farm and the baby chicks ever since.

We loved everything about your farm and wished we could stay longer.

Thank you for the abundance of tomatoes and new knowledge.

Your farm tour this morning was more incredible than we could ever imagine.

Checking out the heritage flock chicks

Checking out the heritage flock chicks

We learned so much about the chickens and the bacteria that it brings back and ...

....we got to see our children play in the fields and just get dirty.

What amazing memories you have given us!

Thank you also for the delicious farm fresh breakfast!

Farmhouse breakfast enjoyed on the dock by the pond

Farmhouse breakfast enjoyed on the dock by the pond

We got to paddle the canoe a little bit after breakfast too.

We look forward to seeing you again soon and will sign up for the Pumpkin Harvest activity.

We will start getting a subscription of the produce box as well. We cannot get enough of your farm.

I am a Literacy Specialist in San Francisco Unified School District and many of my students have come to your farm this summer.

We have learned so much.

Thank you for everything!


Bonnie, Michael and children (Cody and Crystal) Tse

Cody and Crystal wander through the fields during a farm tour. 

Cody and Crystal wander through the fields during a farm tour. 

Member Testimonial - Pat

Hi all Eatwell folks,
A special hurrah for the plums and peaches that have come our way in the last couple of weeks. They are superb!

All the best,

Member Testimonial - Claudine

Hi Lorraine,

I wanted to let you know that my friend and I made your green tomato/tomatillo/peach salad this evening. We loved it so much! Unique, delicious and beautiful.

I also wanted to use the basil while it was nice and fresh so of course pesto came to mind. I don’t eat a lot of dairy so I googled a vegan recipe and was surprised to learn about vegan recipes that use nutritional yeast. I was slightly skeptical but we loved this one too! Yum! Yum! We enjoyed it on top of some steamed eat well potatoes instead of pasta.

Thank you for your recipes and all of the work you put into the lovely newsletter! I really hope to join you for one of your Sunday Suppers in the coming months.

Happy longest days of summer to you, Nigel, Emily and the entire Eatwell team/family.

— Claudine

Member Testimonial - Julie


I wanted to send a message to Nigel and the whole crew. My family has been a member of eatwell farm for over a decade! I have three children, who all have grown up eating the wonderful food from your farm and they are now ages 16, 13, and 9. They are all thriving - in part because of the food we prepare for our meals from the box we look forward to each week. We are truly sad about having to stop our subscription, as we are moving to Southern California this summer, where one of the first things I will set up is another CSA subscription down there. I will continue to order your wonderful lavendar products and salts for gifts. Thank you again for over 10 years of community and healthy living. We never made it to a farm event, but your amazing produce, and ability to listen to feedback made us feel like we are part of the whole endeavor anyway. Keep up the wonderful work of the farm!

All the best.
— Julie Higashi

Member Testimonial - Sarah

Hi Eatwell,
A quick note to tell you how much my husband Dave and I love getting herbs. It’s one of our favorite parts. The basil is divine!!!
Thank you.
— Sarah

Member Testimonial - Eva

Fresh sautéed favas with kale & basil pesto and couscous., all vegan.You guys are the best. Great box this week!
— Eva