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Pastures New

Chickens play a very important role in the fertility of our soil here at Eatwell Farm. Here's a look to see how we move them to fresh pasture. httpv://

If this does not play on your ipad use the link on the sidebar to the right 'videos of the farm'.

Flame Weeding Grapes

So I am not ready for farm work as I still have another two months of chemotherapy but I can take some video and edit it in the house. I have two more after this one which I will post in the next few days. Hope you like them and find them useful.. Nigel httpv://

Pruning Table Grapes Video

A short video showing how we prune our table grapes. httpv://

Checking in

httpv:// We've had a cooler and wetter Spring than usual and weren't able to get our tomatoes transplanted as early as we'd hoped to.   Last week, Nigel checked in on the progress of the heirloom cherry tomatoes after a little over a month in the ground.

Pruning Grapevines

httpv:// Each Friday Nigel and I walk the farm to see what will go in the box the following week.  Last week we stopped in the orchard to take a look at the grapevines and check in on their progress.  In this video, Nigel explains how we prune the grapes.  We are looking forward to having some nice juicy clusters in the boxes later this summer....Liz

Buy a $100 share in a combine harvester.

Here's the deal... We need a combine harvester to harvest our own grains and beans. The problem is that all our crops need equipment and finding the cash to buy everything we need is not easy. The pasture raised chickens were set up on the farm with help from members. So we want to extend that idea to this harvester. The cost of this beauty from Illinois is $4,800 plus up to $1,200 to move it to our farm. I am not sure how to structure this, it is really a donation with no value beyond the joy of knowing you helped us purchase a combine. We will provide you with a picture and regognition of your help. You can buy a share now httpv://