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Remembering Nigel

Nigel cabbage.jpeg

It is not easy coming up with topics for the newsletter each week.  And sometimes I feel, perhaps, I share too much of me here, my personal struggles traveling through a life filled with grief. But then I think grief is a reality here on the farm. We have lost our farmer, and I have lost my soul mate. 

Living each and every day completely immersed in a life, a business and a home, created by Nigel, I find there is little escape for me. Having to learn so many things without him here to guide me or to answer my many questions. Through it all, I realize Eatwell is who I have become. I am so very proud of the work we do here, all of us, you guys included. I am living and working the change I want to see in this world. To be honest, I am very much in love with this place, only now, I have to live and experience every day with my new companion.

When Nigel passed away, I chose to postpone his memorial until this summer. I was so overwhelmed at the time, and truly felt I could not do him justice at the time, or even be very present. I had hoped that given the space of many months, the process and ideas for his memorial would be easier. I don’t think it has, the difference is I have the advantage of more time to plan something a bit more worthy of someone who gave so much.

Nigel’s memorial is scheduled for June 17th. It is the weekend before the Summer Solstice which is right around the time of our Solstice/Garlic Party. This year, rather than garlic harvest/braiding, I would like us to take on a project and make something special for the members garden, a permanent memorial to Nigel.  For years, he dreamed of building a big pizza oven in the garden. Of course, that’s my first thought. 

I think it could be an excellent community project to do together, but I will need your help. I will reach out to some friends who have built a couple of pizza ovens, but if any of you have experience doing this type of project or you are interested in the earlier stages of planning/helping, please let me know. And in general, I believe I can only pull this off if I get a good sense of how many people are wanting to come and make this happen. After our work is done on Saturday, there will be a special dinner provided by the farm, and of course our campfire and overnight. The memorial itself will happen on Sunday. To make sure we can accommodate as many people as possible, we will send out an invitation via Brown Paper Tickets.  In the meantime, if you want to help out with the pizza oven please contact me either by email or you can text me directly 530-554-3971. I think together we can make something we can all enjoy, and it will be a really wonderful way to have a bit of Nigel out in the Member Garden for years to come.


Tea Party On The Farm


Last week the weather was glorious. Low 70s, sunny, beautiful blue skies and the hills and orchards are green. Sometimes I wish I could share these special days with all of you, and then I realized I could, at least with a few of you.  I decided to have a last minute Tea Party.  One of my favorite things about England is afternoon tea.  I love clotted cream, finger sandwiches, scones, lemon curd and little pastries.  Sitting around the table enjoying a proper tea, and glorious weather, was the perfect way to spend an early Saturday afternoon.  By the end of our event season I am pretty exhausted, but by this time I am really missing the chance to visit with you all.  So watch for an email letting you know that Lorraine is having a little afternoon party on the farm. And if you are interested in having your own private party, please keep us in mind. The farmhouse can easily handle a sit-down for 18, and we can push it to 24 if we squeeze everyone in. One last thought, I would love to learn how to make marmalade and jam. Would anyone like to come to the farm and teach a class to a small group?  Let me know, you can text me at 530-554-3971.

Happy Thanksgiving!

For those of you who will not receive a CSA share next week, I wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving, lots of delicious food, wonderful company, silent cell phones, and great conversations.  We will be celebrating here on the farm with our wonderful extended family, and I can’t wait.  It is my favorite holiday, not about gifts, just food and being together.  Of course this year will be bitter sweet.  Nigel and I always loved having our home full of people, gathering around a table of wonderful food, mostly from the farm.  I know he will be in our thoughts all day.  Thanksgiving week is always a busy one for us, particularly since we can not deliver on that Thursday.  If you are a Thursday CSA pick up person, the week of Thanksgiving ONLY, your boxes will be delivered to your regular location on Tuesday!  Please don’t forget, put a reminder on your phone, calendar, tie a string on your finger or write a note on your arm:)

Thanksgiving and Care Shares

Impossible to believe but when I checked the calendar this morning we are two weeks from Thanksgiving! As I write this I am finishing up a wonderful long weekend escape in Puerto Vallarta with one of my oldest friends. When I get home I definitely have to shift gears into full-blown fall feast mode. I know many of you leave town for the holidays so I wanted to remind you all that you can donate your share to the Care Share fund rather than putting on hold. On a weekly basis, we are delivering boxes to The Family House connected to the Children’s hospital at UCSF Mission Bay, and shares are going to the seniors at the Potrero Hill Neighborhood House. Additionally, we have individual Care Share members who are battling serious illnesses who are so grateful to receive fresh fruits and veg every week. This is such important work and I am very proud to be in a position, with your generous support, to offer more than just the 10 boxes the farm has committed to on a weekly basis. If you are not putting your box on hold anytime soon but you would like to give you can donate shares directly as an add-on. Thank you all for the support you have already given this program.$29.00 is not much, but a box of produce can make a big difference to someone who really needs good nutrition! 

A Special Birthday Weekend


This past weekend we hosted a birthday party for a couple of our younger CSA members.  Lilly and Isabelle are both turning 14 this month, and they wanted to celebrate here on the farm.

I know this was a rather out of the ordinary birthday party for a couple of City Girls, but it was truly extraordinary for me. I was lucky enough to spend time with a group of engaged young women, who indulged me when I asked them to put their phones away and to look up and around while we walk around the farm. They harvested greens for dinner, strawberries for dessert and pumpkins for the next morning’s breakfast. No junk, just real food that everyone participated in and enjoyed eating.

The farm was a space for these young women to be young women, harvesting, and cooking. It was also a place for them to be kids, petting the horse, walking the dog, getting excited about chickens waking them up at 4:30 AM (smile), and watching a sunrise. After breakfast and clean-up, they went out to the orchard to play capture the flag. What a treat to watch them running around, in and out of the trees, lots of whispering and shouting, whooshing of speedy young soccer player feet. Cell phones were forgotten, and kids got to be kids. I can’t think of a better way to spend a glorious sunny Sunday morning on the farm! Happy Birthday, Isabelle! Happy Birthday, Lilly!