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Beef Meatballs with Lemon and Celeriac

14 oz Ground Beef

1 medium Onion, finely chopped about 1 cup

3 cups fresh White Breadcrumbs

1 cup Parsley, chopped, plus extra to garnish

1 large Egg, beaten

3/4 tsp ground Allspice

Salt and Black Pepper

2 TB Olive Oil

1 Celeriac, peeled, quartered and each quarter cut crosswise into 1/2” slices

3 cloves Garlic, crushed

1/2 tsp ground Turmeric

1 1/2 tsp Fennel Seeds, lightly crushed

1 tsp Sweet Smoked Paprika

2 cups Chicken Stock

3 1/2 TB Lemon Juice

Put the beef, onion, breadcrumbs, parsley, egg, allspice, 1/2 tsp salt, and some black pepper into a large bowl.  Using your hands, mix well, then form into about 20 balls.  Each ball should weight ab out 1 1/2 oz.  Put the oil into a large sauce pan with a lid and place over his heat.  Add the meatballs and sear for 5 minutes, turning so that all sides are golden brown.  Transfer the meatballs to a separate plate and add the celery root, garlic, turmeric, fennel, and paprika to the pan.  Cook overweigh heat, stirring, for 2 minutes, until the garlic has taken on a bit of color and the spices smell aromatic.  Return the meatballs to the pan and add the stock, lemon juice, 1/2 tsp salt and some black pepper.  Bring to a boil, then simmer gently over medium-low heat, covered, for 30 minutes.  Remove the lid and leave to bubble away for about 10 minutes, for the sauce to thicken up.  Remove the pan from the heat and allow it to sit for 5 or 10 minutes.  Serve, along with a final sprinkle of parsley.



So, what is that gigantic grapefruit looking thing anyway? Pomelo or Citrus Maxima is not a hybrid, but rather one of the original citrus species. It comes from Southeast Asia. Even though it looks like a giant grapefruit it doesn’t have that bitter flavor. Grapefruit, actually, is a cross between pomelo and sweet orange. The Pomelo takes a bit of work to peel, but so worth it. By Googling Pomelos, you’ll find plenty of videos on how to peel and eat it. 

Start by cutting 1/2” off the top to create a flat side.  Score 6 times from top to bottom, about 1/2” deep to get through the thick pith. The pith is edible, but not palatable unless cooked.  Using your fingers, pull off sections of rind, starting where the scores intersect. When finished, slice the fruit in half. Separate the segments, and using a knife, remove the membrane. Enjoy it as part of a salad or simply as it is.

Citrus Rosemary Chicken

Recipe from A Taste Of Home 

Serves 6 | Prep Time 30 minutes; Bake Time approx. 2 1/2 hours

2 TB grated Onion

1 TB minced fresh Rosemary

2 tsp minced fresh Marjoram

3 Garlic cloves, minced

1 tsp grated Pomelo Zest (Original recipe calls for Grapefruit, but you can sub for Pomelo zest or the pith)

1/2 tsp Salt, divided

1/2 tsp Black Pepper, divided

1 Roasting Chicken (6 to 7 pounds)

1 medium Onion, cut into wedges

3 fresh Rosemary Sprigs

3 fresh Marjoram Sprigs

2 TB Olive Oil

In a small bowl, combine the first five ingredients. Add 1/4 teaspoon salt and 1/4 teaspoon pepper; set aside. Place chicken on a rack in a shallow roasting pan. Sprinkle remaining salt and pepper inside cavity; fill with sliced onions.  With fingers, carefully loosen the skin from both sides of chicken breast. Place rosemary and marjoram sprigs under the skin. Brush chicken with oil; rub with reserved herb mixture. Bake, uncovered, at 325° for 2-1/2 to 3 hours or until a thermometer reads 180°. Let stand for 10-15 minutes. Discard herb sprigs and contents of cavity before slicing.

Greek Yogurt Ranch Dressing

Recipe from Cooking Light

Serves 2 to 4 | Takes approx. 5 minutes

Having a delicious homemade dressing/dip in the fridge means you have insta-snack. Roasted Romanesco dipped in this dressing would be delicious.  OR dip some of the Watermelon Daikon for a fresh veg dip snack combo. 

6 oz  Greek Yogurt 

2 TB  Mayonnaise 

1/2 cup Culturred Buttermilk 

1/2 TB Champagne or White Wine Vinegar 

1/4 tsp grated fresh Garlic, I use the microplane for this

1 TB chopped fresh Dill or Cilantro

1/8 tsp Kosher salt

1/8 tsp freshly ground Black Pepper

Mix all the ingredients together and that’s that!

Glazed Shiitakes With Bok Choy

Recipe by David Tanis from NYT Cooking 

Serves 6 to 8 | Takes approx. 30 minutes

1 bunch Bok Choy

3 TB good Vegetable oil

3 small dry Red Chinese hot peppers

1 lb Shiitake Mushrooms (about 4 dozen), stems removed

Salt and pepper

4 Garlic cloves, minced

1 TB grated Ginger

1 TB Sugar

1 tsp Sesame Oil

3 TB Tamari or Soy Sauce

6 Scallions, sliced diagonally, for garnish

1 TB  Toasted Sesame Seeds for garnish (optional)

Bring a large pot of well-salted water to a boil. Cut off and discard stem ends of bok choy. Separate leaves, rinse and drain. Drop leaves into boiling water and cook for 1 to 2 minutes, until barely cooked. Immediately remove, rinse with cool water, drain and pat dry. Arrange leaves in one layer on an ovenproof earthenware platter, then set aside.  Put a large wok or cast-iron skillet over high heat. Add oil and heat until nearly smoking, then add hot peppers and shiitake caps, stirring to coat. Season lightly with salt and pepper. Stir-fry for 2 minutes. Reduce heat slightly and add garlic, ginger, sugar, sesame oil and tamari. Stir-fry for 1 minute more.  Spoon shiitake and pan juices over reserved cooked bok choy. Serve at room temperature, or if you prefer, reheat covered with foil for 10 to 15 minutes in a hot oven. Garnish with scallions and sesame seeds, if using.