When Nigel was diagnosed with multiple myeloma, the importance of fresh, nutritious food immediately became obvious. We are really spoiled because we have access to such an abundance of the best food anywhere. Most of the food we eat is produced here on the farm or received through trade from other farmers at the market. It occurred to me that almost no one is as lucky as we are, and we wanted to do something to help out others, so we developed the Care Share Program.

Eatwell Farm’s Care Share Program provides boxes of our fresh, organic produce to people who are truly in need of superior nutrition. In Nigel’s honor, we’ve expanded our program to include those undergoing intense medical treatment, their families and caregivers, and other community members in need. If you would like to nominate a Care Share member, or learn more about our Care Share Program please contact us at (707) 999-1150 or organic@eatwell.com. If you would like to make a donation, go here.