We are happy to help you set up a gift subscription that works best for you and your loved one. Give Emily a call in the office at (707) 999-1150 or email her at organic@eatwell.com. She'll set up a payment with you (see below for pricing) and will create a gift certificate for you to give to the recipient. The gift certificate will be sent to you via email, and you may print it off at home. The recipient of the gift certificate will set up the subscription online using the code listed on the gift certificate. 

Here are your options for gift subscriptions and prices:

We recommend you start with a 4-delivery trial subscription for anyone who hasn't been a member before. This will cost $116.00 ($132.00 with a half dozen eggs per delivery or $148.00 with a dozen per delivery). You can also sign them up for 12 boxes, with the 13th free, for $348.00 ($400.00 with a half dozens per delivery and $452.00 with a dozen per delivery). Likewise, 26 boxes cost $696.00 (or $800.00 with a half dozen per box delivery and $904.00 with a dozen each delivery). The prices are the same for every-other-week service, as is the size of the box. The difference is simply that a four-box trial would take 8 weeks to complete, 13 boxes would come over 26 weeks, and so on. We accept VISA and MasterCard.

Your loved one may then choose to renew on their own after they have completed the subscription you gave them.

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