Nigel Walker

Nigel was born in Leicester (pronounced "Lester"), England, and studied at Writtle Agricultural College in Essex. Though the school taught production farming with chemicals, Nigel received permission to fulfill his practicum at an organic farm in Kent, England. He studied drip irrigation in 1985 in Israel, a country where “if you waste water it’s treason.” He returned to England and farmed there until moving to California in 1992.


Lorraine and Nigel met in 2008 and married in 2011. Getting involved in the farm initially in a support role, she developed Drinkwell Softers from her interest and passion for fermented foods into a fully-fledged business, adding efficiency, value and diversity to what Eatwell Farm has to offer. She is now a fully fledged farm girl after helping one of our cows Helen May give birth. The vet, Dr Bravos guided her over the phone while she pulled the calf with ropes tied above its knees. Bandito is doing very well. 

Eric and Andrew

Andrew and Eric. At eighteen years old, they are now at college. They say that they have been working the farmers market since they were three weeks old. They now eat food at college and have given up on eggs as they only serve powdered. 

Chickens on pasture

The Crew

Our Crew is the backbone of the farm. Jose, our foreman, oversees around 15 year round crew members (depending on the season) in the field and in the pack house, Roberto and Ramon keep our tractors running in the fields, sowing seed, planting starts. Juanita and Andrea wash, process and package all of your produce. They also prepares the egg coolers for delivery and prepares all of our lavender products. Augustin and Miguel are the “egg guys.” They tend our huge flock of pasture-raised chickens and wash and sort all the eggs after they gather them twice daily. Jack and Manny are our delivery drivers. Noelle works as our CSA Manager. Cameron is our Farm Manager.